A path into the future based on tradition.

The History of Ferienart Resort in Saas Fee

The hotel’s foundations tell a tale of over 130 years of tradition. The house was originally named the “Grand Hotel Belle Vue” and was only the second to open its doors in Sass Fee. That was in


This was 30 years after that Johann Josef Imseng bound two wooden boards under his feet in order to attend to a dying man in the Saas-Valley and thereby became the first Swiss skier. The house enjoyed its first success with snow shoe hikers and later with ski sportsmen (the word ski originally stems from the Norwegian word “ski” meaning split wood).
1951 with the completion of the first roads reaching Saas Fee and the resulting development of tourism, the hotel’s name is changed to “Hotel Walliser Hof”.
1976 a fire damages the hotel down to its foundation. The property is purchased by the brothers Erwin and Albert Anthamatten together with their cousin Daniel Zurbriggen. In the following years building permits and other requirements are arranged and the final re-construction of Hotel Walliser Hof is completed.
1983 100 years after the original inauguration, the hotel celebrates it’s grand reopening in July. Three years later Albert’s son Beat Anthamatten and his future wife Chantal celebrate their wedding. For over 30 years the couple runs, expands and shapes the hotel.
1992 the first beauty parlor opens. Various restaurants follow, including a pizzeria that is still the only establishment in Saas Fee with a charcoal oven.
2000/2001 the final extension is built. Including a banquet hall of over 630 square meters and a 1200 square meters wellness oasis.
2003 after 120 years the circle of construction, renovation and extension is completed with the opening of the “Vernissage” - the bar designed and realized by Zermatt-based artist, architect and designer Heinz Julen. When walking through the hotel, and particularly its lower area, guests will encounter design elements such as the Cube chairs and other features by Julen.
  In the subsequent years the Ferienart Resort & Spa receives many distinctions and awards and the facility is listed among the best vacation and wellness hotels. “Enkeltauglichkeit” (meaning embracing the needs of children, parents and grandparents at the same time) isn’t just a word but rather a philosophy that shapes the hotel.
2014 the family operated Ferienart Resort & Spa is brought into a new era with directors Stefanie Gärtner and Josef Planzer. The couple has taken the challenge of evolving the tradition rich hotel while maintaining is local flavor and appeal. Organizing attractive events in a place of rest and relaxation is also part of its central philosophy.

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