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The body is at the center, source of strength and life, a mirror of the soul and expression of our personality. The Grande Dame Maria Galland was aware of this. As a successful professional dancer, she dedicated her life to beauty, health and aesthetics. This is also where the groundstone of her beauty philosophy was laid: To preserve personal charisma with "beauty made to measure", harmonizing body and mind.

The company "Maria Galland Paris" is a specialist for face and body care products and stands worldwide for effective beauty and spa treatments. Maria Galland products are used in the following of our beauty treatments: 

Basic Facial Treatment: 
Peeling, deep cleansing, mask and massage
60 min. CHF 130.-

Soin Masque Modelant Yeux
An invigorating and cooling algae mask especially for the delicate skin around the eyes. As an optimal anti-wrinkle treatment, a retinol concentrate is used under the mask. Experience how the traces of stress and fatigue disappear and how swelling and circles around the eyes are significantly reduced. The treatment can be easily combined with any other spa treatment (surcharge CHF 32.-)
40 min. CHF 75.-

Soin Thalasso Visage
A pleasantly cooling power mask with seaweed for an extra portion of moisture. Experience a unique feeling of invigorating freshness and maximum care and well-being. Extracts of Breton brown algae cells free the skin from negative environmental influences and ensure intensive hydration of the skin. Micro-algae stimulate the blood circulation and activate the metabolism. A perfect short holiday for your skin.
75 min. CHF 140.-

Soin Cocon
An exclusive feel-good treatment for every skin type. In a cocoon of gauze and foam, beauty is brought back to life and the skin feels reborn. The treatment combines state-of-the-art high-tech preparations with a perfect anti-stress treatment in which every step is accompanied by a stimulating massage ritual.
80 min. CHF 160.-

Soin Mille Décolleté Lumière
Soin Mille Décolleté Lumière offers almost the effect of an "all-round lifting" of the face, neck and décolleté through a targeted supply of active ingredients. A particular highlight is the specially adapted cabin fleece mask with 9-fold effect and a plant-based stem cell concentrate.
90 min. CHF 220.-

Maria Galland Magic Man
This special facial treatment for men relaxes the skin, mind and soul. Your skin is pampered with a nourishing mask and a relaxing massage rounds off the treatment.
60 min. CHF 115.-

Soin Pivoine
The exclusive and limited treatment with activating peony extract immediately brings more radiance and an even, fresh complexion.
60 min. CHF 155.-

Limited Luxury Treatment
This exclusive and limited luxury treatment with a combination of diamond dust and collagen provides an immediately visible lifting effect and a pleasantly smooth skin feeling.
60 min. CHF 145.-

This limited luxury treatment with exceptionally effective anti-aging ingredients - especially the MILLE TOP CMG complex and pearl - reveals a flawlessly beautiful and even complexion.
60 min., price on request

Eyebrow and Eyelash Coloration 
45 min CHF 35.-
during facial care
+ eyebrow correction 15 min. CHF 15.-
+ eye patch CHF 25.-


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