Classic massages

Salt peeling
This treatment removes dead skin cells and promotes detoxification and regeneration of the skin. It refines the skin structure, stimulates the cell renewal and helps to rid the pores of impurities. The
skin is soft and smooth. Perfect after a sauna session and before a massage. Cream texture or oil and scent to choose.
20 minutes CHF 55.-

Classic Full Body Massage
Deep massage against muscle tension in the back, legs, stomach and arms.
With gentle or strong pressure, individually accommodating every need.
50 minutes CHF 95.-
80 minutes CHF 150.-

Classic Partial Massage
Deep massage against muscle tension in the back, head, arms or legs.
With gentle or strong pressure, individually accommodating every need.
20 minutes CHF 55.-

Classic Partial Massage with Mud Pack
Enjoy a mud pack to relax tense muscles, followed by a deep massage against muscle tension in the back.
With gentle or strong pressure, individually accommodating every need.
50 minutes CHF 70.-

Back-Neck-Head Massage
Deep massage against muscle tension in the back and neck area in combination with a harmonizing head massage. With gentle or strong pressure, individually accommodating every need.
40 minutes CHF 80.-

Head and Face Massage
This gentle massage relieves tension in the neck area and revitalizes the scalp and facial skin. Manual lymphatic drainage - gentle strokes stimulate lymphatic activity and thus help to remove water accumulations and toxins from the tissue.
20 minutes CHF 60.-

Special Massages

Aromatic Oil Massage
Enjoy a personalized massage for body, mind and soul. Special aromatic oils let you relax and forget time and space.
50 minutes CHF 115.-
80 minutes CHF 180.-

Foot Reflexology Massage
This special massage technique reaches all organs via the reflex points, promotes the self-healing process and brings relief and relaxation throughout the body.
50 minutes CHF 95.-

Hot Stone Therapy
Hot Stone Therapy is an ancient shamanistic natural healing method that was rediscovered in America. Lava stones are heated and placed on the energy centres, while you are massaged alternately with warm and cold stones. The therapy has a relaxing, toning and loosening effect on hardened muscles.
80 minutes CHF 160.-

Hawaiian elders have passed down this therapeutic technique. Using both gentle and vigorous kneading strokes, Lomi-Lomi eases muscle tension and increase circulation, promoting relaxation and well-being.
80 minutes CHF 145.-

Ayurveda Massage
Ayurveda is much more than a traditional system of Indian medicine – it is a comprehensive guide to a long and healthy life, focusing on the prevention of illness and maintaining health into old age. All Ayurveda treatments begin and end with a thorough examination and consultation and can be used to achieve specific goals such as weight reduction, detoxification or relaxation.
80 minutes CHF 170.-

Lymphatic drainage
Lymphatic drainage is a form of gentle stroking massage which stimulates lymphatic circulation. Lymph is a fluid that occupies the spaces between cells in our body. Everything that can be found there, e.g. dead cells, waste, pathogens from skin injuries, etc. are made harmless by the white blood corpuscles and removed by the lymphatic fluid. Gentle pressure and circular movements stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid and accumulated fluid is drained away.
50 minutes CHF 115.-
80 minutes CHF 170.-

Sport-Deep Tissue Massage
A penetrative massage for muscles, sinew and ligaments. It will relax the tensed-up muscles and removes the poisonous substances which accumulated in the body.
50 minutes CHF 125.-

Treatments Alpienne

The exceptional quality of Alpienne products is based on the fact that only ingredients from controlled collections in the wild are used in their production: Herbs and plants are collected in their very own alpine habitat, in which they have developed their greatest effect.

Alpienne Classic 
in combination with a foot massage and a full-body relaxation massage (with a skincare cream of your choice).
80 minutes CHF 195.-

Alpienne Peeling
in combination with a foot massage with honey body peeling containing rock crystal salt and subsequent relaxation massage with nourishing honey cream.
80 minutes CHF 195.-

Alpienne Relax & Harmony 
in combination with a foot massage, head and face massage and a relaxation massage with heated herbal stamps.
80 minutes CHF 160.-

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