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Treatments for Two

Relax and get spoiled together during one of our couples' treatments:

Love Dream 
Relaxing massage (20 min.), love bath (45 min.) and 1 glass of champagne
65 min. CHF 150 per person

Aroma Dream
Salt peeling with aromatic oil (20 min.), aromatic oil bath (45 min.), aromatic oil massage (50 min.) and fruit cocktail
115 min. CHF 220 per person

Alpienne Honey Dream
Honey peeling (20 min.), honey pine bath (45 min.), honey massage (50 min.) and tea with honey
115 min. CHF 220 per person


The secret of this famous treatment lies in the interplay of water, fire, earth and aromatic air. The various healing earths stimulate the metabolism and relax the body in a romantic atmosphere. A heavenly feeling of velvety soft skin!
40 minutes.
1 person CHF 55.
2 persons CHF 45/pers.
3 or 4 persons CHF 40 per person

Soft Pack Body treatments

The basis of our applications is the Soft Pack Couch. Enjoy a body pack of your choice floating in this special waterbed. The pack is applied to the body while you are lying down and then wrapped in thin foil so that your skin can optimally absorb the positive effects of the product. The Soft Pack blanket is heated to a pleasant 39°C, which causes a rapid opening of the pores and thus enables a significantly higher absorption of active ingredients into the skin.

Alpine Hay Pack
Enjoy the natural perfume of organic hay from Upper Valais. The hay pack has an invigorating and strongly purifying effect and also relieves tension.
40 min. CHF 65.-

Mud Pack
The valuable ingredients of the natural peat mud in combination with gentle heat help with rheumatic complaints, arthrosis and tension. In addition, this therapy has anti-inflammatory effects, activates the metabolism, relaxes muscles and relaxes cramps.
40 min. CHF 75.-

Cleopatra Package
Experience a silky soft skin feeling and a royal delight made of skincaring oils and goat's milk. The high-quality oils hydrate the skin, have a balancing and slightly moisturising effect. Vitamins and minerals pamper your skin and make it velvety soft.
40 min. CHF 65.-

Heida Wine Marc Pack
This very effective fruit acid treatment removes dead skin cells, refines the skin and promotes blood circulation.
40 min. CHF 65.

Evening Primrose Oil Cream Pack
The Evening Primrose Oil Cream Pack has strong moisturizing properties and counteracts the aging process of the skin. Cell-activating, invigorating and moisturizing properties are also proven in this treatment. Due to its metabolic regulating components and unsaturated fatty acids, this therapy is also suitable for the treatment of sensitive skin.
40 min. CHF 75.-

Thalasso Pack
This vitalizing and detoxifying pack made of algae stimulates the metabolism, refines the skin's appearance and stimulates lymph flow.
40 min. CHF 75.-

Chocolate Package
The flavanols contained in dark chocolate make the chocolate pack an optimal scavenger of free radicals, which accelerate the aging process of the skin. In addition, the cocoa bean has antidepressive and antirheumatic properties. The chocolate pack also has a strong moisturising effect and is therefore particularly suitable for dry skin.
Pleasant side effect: The skin smells pleasantly of chocolate hours after the bath. A chocolate praline concludes this sweet experience.
40 min. CHF 75.-


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